Welcome with Love

emotional wellness for growing families

Let's face it, parenting a child of any age can be frustrating, chaotic, and overwhelming! Sometimes a parent's or child's chronic illness or health challenge is part of the mix as well. We may find ourselves trying to cope day to day with anger, sadness, resentment, you name it.

And on top of that, some of us start our parenting journeys with a difficult birth experience that can leave us with trauma, grief or rage that get in the way of bonding with our babies and navigating our new path as parents.

How can we keep going, and enjoy our lives together, amidst all this?!?

Welcome with Love ~ emotional wellness for growing families is for any parent who wants to understand and defuse stress from life's daily rollercoaster or from health challenges, or release and heal from a difficult birth experience, so that you can begin to relax into parenting instead. When we have the right tools to cope with the craziness of it all, family life can start to be truly rewarding!

I want to help you better enjoy your life by offering:

  • Take-home tools for managing parenting stress from day-to-day, and when we're coping with health challenges in the family
  • Ideas for moving beyond a difficult birth experience and reconnecting with your baby
  • Support in a variety of settings -- including live workshops & teleconferences, consultations in person or by phone, and podcasts & workshops for download -- to offer you encouragement & community in your parenting journey, and share some new ideas for healing & defusing stress for your whole family
  • Speaking engagements, interviews, articles, and custom workshops & group facilitation! The topics I most love to share about include pregnancy, birth and parenting; coping with chronic illness; managing stress and building a toolkit for emotional wellness; allowing our unique presence and talents to come forth in the world; and more! Please contact me at welcomewithlove@gmail.com or 503-285-4906 to talk about possibilities!

Once you begin to integrate emotional wellness into your everyday life, you can actually begin enjoying life as a parent!

I'd love to hear from you!

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"My husband and I are changed people for the time you spent with us, the ideas you gave us, and the help you've offered." ~Kendra, private client
"Sarah's highly interactive workshop was warm and welcoming. I felt right at home at my first one. Her style is inviting and inclusive... Her material was informative, to-the-point, and insightful. I really appreciated this workshop, will recommend them to friends. I look forward to the next one! Thank you, Sarah, for providing a crucial nugget to families yearning for helpful, insightful guidance." ~April, workshop participant
"This workshop helped me to see my relationship to my body... as a relationship like any other, rather than seeing it as a burden or a failure. This shift in perspective is empowering and gives me insight into how I can work to improve the relationship between my physical and my emotional self." ~Mary, workshop participant