Welcome with Love

emotional wellness for growing families

It is a privilege to help you reclaim your happiness as a parent! I'd love to connect with you, to answer any questions, or help you decide how I can best serve you. You can reach me at 503-285-4906 or welcomewithlove@gmail.com.

I am excited to birth Welcome with Love into being, and would like to share more about the experiences that have brought me to this point in my journey -- as a mother coping with a chronic illness, spiritual practitioner, and birth assistant.

My name is Sarah Nuxoll, and I am a mother of two children in Portland, Oregon. I also have cystic fibrosis (CF), a respiratory disease I have had since childhood. CF and parenting both present me with daily reminders of the importance of taking care of myself and reconnecting with who and what means the most to me -- nurturing my health and creativity, my relationships with loved ones, and my commitment to growth on every level.

The tools and insights I share with you through my workshops and consultations are those I have learned "on the job" while parenting. When my youngest was two years old, I had reached my limit with feeling frustrated and unhappy with my life as a mother. Thanks to the help of my meditation teacher Brenda Morgan, I began working toward deeper body-mind clarity and emotional and spiritual healing, a continual life-long process of learning. I am truly grateful for the Grace and insight I have received, and now feel excited to engage life, move with my creativity, and allow myself to feel happy as a parent!

As a spiritual practitioner, I am devoted to feeling and supporting the Oneness and interconnectedness of all of life, and to helping us to love ourselves, to understand how we sometimes get in the way of our own happiness, and to let our lives shine forth as the unique, radiant gifts that they are! I especially enjoy putting all this into practice as a volunteer for Grass Lake Sanctuary, a nature preserve and healing retreat sanctuary in Southeastern Michigan, my "home away from home."

I have also enjoyed the incredible privilege of participating in the birth process as an apprentice homebirth midwife and doula, and bring this depth of experience to what I share with you.

Welcome with Love is born from the interweaving of my desire to help others with their own emotional healing process, and my passion for helping growing families. I look forward to meeting you and your children!

About my artwork

When I first began imagining how the Welcome with Love website might look, I knew I wanted to create some kind of artwork for it. Not having much artistic experience, I experimented with paints, pencils, digital images, but none of these really came alive for me. Then one night I was reading a picture book to my children, and I noticed that the illustrations were made with beautiful paper, cut and assembled into marvelous birds and flowers. I was inspired to try my hand at this technique, to portray my favorite subjects: mamas and babies! What emerged and evolved with each new mother-baby pair was surprising and wonderful for me. I hope you, too, can feel my love and joy radiating through each image.