Welcome with Love

emotional wellness for growing families

As a mother of two, I can really identify with the nitty-gritty reality of parenting!

We've all lost our temper with our child, or resented the loss of our freedom after baby comes. We try so hard to be loving parents, but parenting is hard work, no doubt about it! It is natural to feel angry, resentful, sad or anxious from time to time as a parent.

But sometimes it feels these stressful feelings -- not to mention the guilt that often comes with them -- start to take over our lives. Where did we go, anyway -- that playful, spontaneous, creative person we were before kids? And whatever happened to enjoying our lives?!

And when chronic illness or health challenges are part of the family -- whether as a parent taking care of our own health, or tending to a child's special needs -- the stresses can start to feel overwhelming. Yet in living with cystic fibrosis, my own chronic illness, few things have nudged me more firmly toward growth and positive change in my life!!

I can share simple yet powerful tools for getting out of the cycle of stress and frustration with parenting and health issues, by helping you:

  • Find safe ways to release intense or stressful feelings
  • Follow emotional signals for change to feel more satisfied, relaxed, and HAPPY
  • Find your own unique ways of saying "Yes!" to your life, to build the positive connections that sustain us through challenging times
  • Look deeper into the curveballs life throws us, or old emotional habits, for insights that can help us make a new, joyous, commitment to our lives together as a family!