Welcome with Love

emotional wellness for growing families

Having a child doesn't always happen the way we imagine. Sometimes intense emotions about our pregnancy, birth, or just the realities of parenting a newborn, can make it feel difficult to be fully present with our baby.

Feelings such as disappointment, anger, or grief, while normal, can get in the way of making the heartfelt connection our babies crave, as well as holding us back from happiness as parents. It is so important to acknowledge these feelings and release them, to begin to invite healing.

Babies, too, process the birth experience in their own way, and can internalize stressful emotions from those around them. Yet babies can also be invited to release these stressful energies, so they can more deeply bond with their parents and be available to their own life's journey.

I can help you move beyond your birth experience and embrace and ENJOY your new life as a parent, by helping you:

  • Identify and safely express & release difficult emotions through a variety of easy body-mind tools
  • Tell your story, for yourself & your partner, and with your baby
  • Invite baby's unique healing process
  • Reconnect with your own intuitive wisdom about what your baby needs