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emotional wellness for growing families

At some point I realized that the people I most want to help stressed out & overscheduled parents are the ones who have the hardest time getting to a workshop in person! If you're one of these, you're in good company : ) Here are a few options to get the support you deserve, when it works for you!

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Please enjoy these free podcasts as a little gift of wellness, a pick-me-up for when you just need some encouragement and a few new ideas to keep on keepin' on as a parent, and hopefully to actually enjoy it in the process!

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Here's a smorgasbord of full-length, recorded workshops for your enjoyment, at a time that works for you! Each one is available as a download. Just click the "Buy Now" button to submit your donation by Paypal and be sure to enter your email address in the "Special Instructions" section so I can send you the link to the download! If you have any questions, please contact me and let me know.

Helping Kids Cope: A Kid-Friendly Toolkit for Being Human!

Kids feel stress and intense emotions like anger and anxiety just like we do -- it's part of being human! But it's up to us as parents to cultivate an emotional toolkit so we can help teach them ways to cope and feel like themselves again. Join me in this interactive discussion about how we can begin to give our kids a framework for emotional wellness that will help them the rest of their lives.
75 minutes; $10 donation

When Life Hands Us Lemons: What We Do Next Is Up To Us!

"This isn't what I signed up for, I want outta here!" When life throws us a curveball -- unexpected single parenting, children with learning challenges, changes in our health, you name it -- it's natural to feel like you just want out! Join us in this interactive workshop to get some support, take a deeper look at what life is presenting us, and help each other make a new, creative commitment to embracing the messiness of our lives, with some fun along the way too!
90 minutes; $10 donation

Where Did I Go, Anyway? A Fun Look At Remembering Who We Are, Even As Parents

Ever wonder what happened to the playful, spontaneous, creative, enthusiastic person you used to be before you were a parent? You're still there, I promise! In this enjoyable workshop, we'll have some fun peeling away the layers of our lives and remembering who we actually are, and share some surprisingly simple ideas for letting the real you back into your life, even as a parent!
60 minutes; $5 donation

A New Way of Feeling Sustainable Living: Cultivating True Self Care in a Busy Lifestyle

Sustainable living means many things to many people, but how about feeling it in relationship to how we approach our lives from day to day? Is your lifestyle sustainable physically, emotionally? Are you waking up dreading your days, wearing yourself down? What would it take to make a new commitment to actually taking care of ourselves and enjoying our lives, instead of just putting out fires all the time? In this interactive workshop, we'll take a fun look at our lives through the lens of "sustainable living," with a generous helping of humor and self-compassion, and find new ideas for going about our days in a way that is truly enjoyable.
60 minutes; $5 donation

Following Our Gut: Letting Body Wisdom Jumpstart Growth and Creativity

We've spent our whole lives in this miraculous body we were born with, and yet in many ways we're still discovering how to exist as it and let it help us navigate here. In this dynamic workshop, we'll experiment with giving our mind a much-needed vacation while we engage our bodies through movement, sound and more to help access new and creative insights and ideas. (Recorded from a live presentation March 18, 2016)
90 minutes; $10 donation