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emotional wellness for growing families

I really enjoy offering these workshops related to parenting, healing, and moving our unique creativity into the world! I have created these to help us all let go of the habits and excuses that hold us back, and instead, choose to embrace the wonder of who we truly are, and birth our gifts into the world.

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Creative Brainstorming for Life with Chronic Health Issues:
Ongoing Resource Group in St Johns neighborhood, Portland, Oregon

What would make it easier to cope with a chronic health condition -- yours or a loved one's? What have you already found that is working for you? You're invited to bring your piece of the puzzle to these free dynamic brainstorming sessions! Ask questions, share ideas and support, and envision together what we want as an ongoing sounding board and resource group here in St Johns. Facilitated by emotional wellness consultant Sarah Nuxoll.

We're looking for a new space to meet! Please contact me if you're interested in participating or have an idea for a meeting space: welcomewithlove@gmail.com, or 503-285-4906.

I am available and excited to offer workshops and courses or to facilitate discussion groups crafted specifically for your support group, community education setting or organization! Please contact me at welcomewithlove@gmail.com or 503-285-4906 to talk about possibilities!

Here's a sampling of additional workshops I offer. I'd love to hear from you if something ignites your wellness spark!

Simple Tools to Help You
Get Unstuck from Stress & Love Your Life!

Helping Kids Cope with Stress:
A Kid-Friendly Toolkit for Being Human!

also available as a download

Ask a Doula! Q&A for Expecting & Hopeful Parents

Moving Beyond a Difficult Birth:
Embracing Healing & Connecting with Your Baby

When Chronic Illness is Part of the Family:
Tools for Embracing the Gifts of Our Lives Together!

Following Our Gut:
Letting Body Wisdom Jumpstart Growth and Creativity

also available as a download

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